“Omotenashi” is a culture of welcoming guests that has been cherished in Japan since ancient times. For example, when you’re visiting someone’s house, wouldn’t it make you very happy if they had your favorite flowers on display? This is our way of welcoming people who has travelled a long way to see you, to bring joy to them as much as possible. That is “Omotenashi”.

We will provide “Omotenashi” to visitors travelling to Japan, not with flowers, but with smiles and by providing services from the bottom of our hearts. When you arrive at the airport after a long flight, you don’t need to drag your heavy luggage around to look for a taxi or a bus stop anymore. Our friendly staff will be waiting to pick you up. You’ll be able to relax in our clean and comfortable vehicles and be on your way to your accommodation.

After a night of rest at the hotel, why don’t you hire one of our private vehicles to do some sightseeing or shopping? How about a day of fun and play at popular theme parks, or spend your time sightseeing to get a taste of Japanese culture? You don’t speak Japanese? No problem. We can arrange an interpreter-guide for your language all over Japan.

We will also be happy to arrange restaurants according to your budget, or even tickets for trains or attractions you are interested in. Let us know all about the places you want to visit, anything that you’d like to do, and what you want your trip to be. All of our tour operators are trilingual, fluent at communicating in English, Chinese and Japanese. We will ensure smooth communication at all times.

We will make your Japan travels a trip to remember, with our spirit of “Omotenashi”.
If you’re interested in travelling to Japan, please contact us for a free quote. We will respond to any questions or quote requests within 24 hours.
To ensure your trip will be a special memory that remain with you for the rest of your life.
We make that our mission.

Corporate Philosophy

With our private charter vehicles, we will provide you with a safe, comfortable and efficient trip.
We promise to look after our customers with our superior service.

What we cherish most is the Japanese “Omotenashi” culture that has been handed down for hundreds of years.
“Omotenashi” means to welcome people who has travelled a long way to see you by showing them respect, sincerity and appreciation, and ensure your guests are enjoying themselves. With the spirit of “Omotenashi”, we will provide you with a pleasant journey.

We understand our customer’s needs and will always strive for superior service.

We will support your Japan trip with superior service centered around our private charter vehicles, including customizable tour itinerary, airport transfer service and multi-lingual interpreter guides.
We will promise you a stress-free journey that brings you wonderful experiences and memories.
Please let us arrange your Japan tour, including airport pick-up, booking your charter vehicles to personalized tours.
Japan Land Service will make your time in Japan a trip to remember.

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