Welcome to Japan!

You have stepped out from a cramped flight into the airport and now you’re finally in Japan. But before you feel the air of a foreign country after leaving your gate, this thought will come to mind.
"Now, what do I do from here?"

Some regular visitors to Japan still get lost at Narita Airport. It is even harder to find a bus stop or a taxi stand. You may need to drag your heavy luggage around the airport from one end to the other, just to find the information desk. Even if you ask for directions, you may have trouble understanding each other and may waste valuable time. You just want to get to the hotel, but end up being stressed and frustrated.
This is where we come in.

When you step out from the gate after picking up your luggage, our airport staff will greet you at the gate. You just need to look for the board on with your name on it. Our airport staff will escort you to your private vehicle. You can sit back and relax, and you will be on your way to the hotel.

If you wish to book a tour guide in advance, the guide will accompany you in the transfer vehicle to the hotel, explain the route to your hotel and you can enjoy casual conversation with the guide.

Before leaving for Japan, please send us a request with the type of car you require. We will recommend you with a suitable vehicle for the number of passengers in your group, should it be for a family, a couple or a larger group. A sedan type vehicle is recommended for couples, honeymooners and business customers as it allows you to relax in luxurious comfort.

The charter vehicle, such as a van or bus, is more reasonable than catching a taxi. In addition, it will be far less stressful than traveling in a group via pubic transport and you can enjoy yourself while you get transported to the hotel.

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